LiftMaster® Model 3265

LiftMaster3265The LiftMaster® Professional Model 3265 is an industrial strength, full chain-drive electric garage door opener, offering a Security+® double light and 1/2hp heavy-duty motor. The protector system with an infrared reversing device comes standard, along with rolling code technology and solid steel T-rails.


Equipped with Posilock®. Once your garage door goes down, it’s securely locked with Posilock, a patented Chamberlain® feature.

Exclusive Smart Garage Door Opener® allows you to electronically program security codes from the Smart Control™ motion-detecting panel or the power head.

Remote light delivers 200 watts of light with adjustable light time delay. Hinged light covers make bulb changes easy.

Quick-Connect™ terminals. Push-in wiring for quicker installation.

Manual release handle. In a power failure, this feature releases the garage door for manual operation.

Lifetime motor warranty and one-year parts warranty.


Multi-function control panel: Controls garage door and turns opener lights on/off from inside the garage. Locks out radio signals to avoid accidental opening. Includes adjustable light timer and illuminated oversized push button.

Security+® 3-button remote control: With rolling code technology, you are assured of a new code with every use. Every time you use the door, your code changes to one of over 100-billion possible new codes, never to be repeated.

Garage door monitor: Monitor your garage door status from anywhere in your house. Flashing red light lets you know the door is open and glowing green light confirms it’s closed.

Wireless keyless entry with Security+®: Located outside the garage door, you can access your door with the push of a button. Ideal if you need to temporarily change the code for visitor or service access.

Premium motion-detecting control panel: Automatically turns garage door opener lights when you enter the garage.
Remote light control: Using your garage door opener, you can turn on lights or appliances in your home from inside your car.