LiftMaster® Model 1355

LiftMaster1355The LiftMaster® Model 1355 has a 1/2hp motor and combines steady performance and strong lifting power. Equipped with ERT™ technology, this opener provides superior protection from outside radio signal interference and operates at 315Mhz.


Equipped with Posilock®. Once your garage door goes down, it’s securely locked with Posilock, a patented Chamberlain® feature.

Exclusive Smart Garage Door Opener® allows you to electronically program security codes from the Smart Control™ motion-detecting panel or the power head.

Chain drive with solid-steel trolley and t-rail. Ensures extra strength and dependability. No plastic parts to wear out.

Auto light delay. As the door opens and closes, the light goes on and then turns off 4 1/2 minutes later.

Manual release handle. In a power failure, this feature releases the garage door for manual operation.

Four-year motor warranty and one-year parts warranty.


Lighted door control button: This illuminated push button allows you to operate your door from inside the garage.

Security+® remote control: With rolling code technology, you are assured of a new code with every use. Every time you use the door, your code changes to one of over 100-billion possible new codes, never to be repeated.

Wireless keyless entry with Security+®: Located outside the garage door, you can access your door with the push of a button. Ideal if you need to temporarily change the code for visitor or service access.

Premium motion-detecting control panel: Automatically turns garage door opener lights when you enter the garage.

Remote light control: Using your garage door opener, you can turn on lights or appliances in your home from inside your car.