Annual Maintenance Program


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You likely use your garage doors every day, which results in unavoidable wear and tear. To keep your doors in good working condition and help minimize the chance of needing major repairs in the future, a planned maintenance program is a great option.

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  • Twenty-one (21) point maintenance and safety inspection
  • Door service includes:
    • Tightening or replacing worn nuts and bolts, as needed
    • Lubrication of rollers, pulleys, bearings, and tracks
    • Inspection and adjustment of springs, cables, rollers, and tracks
  • Opener service includes:
    • Test safety reversing features/mechanisms
    • Opener force adjustment
    • Tightening of chain or belt
    • Adjustment of limit settings, as needed
    • Lubrication of the drive mechanism
  • Keypad and transmitter batteries are checked and replaced for FREE (up to 2 batteries) if needed
  • A detailed inspection checklist is completed, noting any safety issues or needed repairs in writing
  • Checklist is reviewed with homeowner and a copy is supplied with service call receipt
  • Any necessary repair and/or replacement options are discussed with the homeowner